Community News

The Waverly Community Board hosted Troy Hamman, Wellington Mayor; Ed Cannon, Wellington Administrator; and Cody Barrett, Planner, at the regular Oct. 22nd Waverly Community Board meeting. They spoke about present and future plans in some detail. Minutes from that meeting are posted below (View). ~Letitia Betchel, Chair, Waverly Community Board
Another fun Saturday for Pancakes this year. Many new faces, new neighbors, kids and fire engines (what could be better?) and great hotcakes. Bacon was a big success along with sausage and real maple syrup. Hope to see you next year! Have a great fall and consider stopping by our upcoming regular "meeting" on Oct. 22, 7:30 at the Waverly School (Turning Point). Thanks everyone for your support and for stopping by!
Great potluck gathering featured presentation by CP&W wildlife officer, Pepper Canterbury. Interesting info on recognizing mountain lion behavior and habits. Great photos and helpful tips on living in their territory. Habitat in Waverly is as good as any and these cats can wander easily from the foothills through the plains. Call Pepper if you need wildlife help at (970) 217-1471. See Presentation Notes by Helen Boggs attached.
Sadly a spring with abundant apple blossoms has turned into a fire blight nightmare for many in the Waverly area. Please see the attached information provided by Tree Top Plant Health Management for help in understanding the infection and possibilities for remedies.
One of our tech savvy Waverly residents has created a Facebook Group for Waverly, aptly called “Let’s Talk Waverly.” The goal is to keep it informational and civil so everyone can appreciate it. The Waverly Community Board (WCB) thought it would be a good idea to share the link knowing that neighborhood information can be transmitted quickly which can be a good thing. The WCB is not connected with, or managing the page (although shares mutual...