Community News

In case you haven't noticed, or been around that way, there is a "Little Free Library" located on the northwest corner of County Roads 17 and 66. It is well-used (always a new variety of books!) and is a fun thing to have in the neighborhood! So check it out when you have a chance or need a local diversion on a snowy afternoon! Many thanks to the landowner who put it together.
FREE LOGS from TREE TOP! Tree Top Plant Health Management offers free logs and drop off service. Folks can use these logs for horse jumps, landscape purposes, gun range back stops, etc. Since the service is free, they don't offer any customization of size of logs, but will drop them in a location as requested by the homeowner. Call 568-9695.
THANKS to all community members who helped make this year's annual gathering a fun and festive time! A special thanks to our beekeeping presenter, and to Tree Top and Pringle's Wines for super door prizes, as well as to Commissioner Kefalas who fielded questions from residents. Elections were held, and Directors elected were: Letitia Betchel, Helen Boggs, Doug Gudenkauf, Jan Kroeger, Carolyn Ownby, George Reed, Steve Sarno, and Ron Splittgerber. Officer elections will be held at the next...
Attached is the Fall Small Acreage Management Newsletter from Karen Crumbaker, CSU Larimer County Extension. Some interesting reading!! Click the "View" tab below.
Thank you to all the community members who came out and enjoyed the food, fun, and camaraderie, together with kid's activities. A great time, and thank you to all the Board members and volunteers who put it together on a beautiful sunny morning! Also, a huge thanks to the Waverly Fire crew who helped make it possible and added another layer of fun. See you all again next year!!