Hello Waverly Folks,

We thought a short update on community things would be a
good idea since normal communication is so strange and different this year.

The Waverly Community Board has met twice this year, once
in January, and again in June. Very little is up for discussion right now,
other than 1.The updating of the Wellington Comp Plan; 2. The changing of ownership of the Waverly School; and 3. Where and what community meetings/events will be
held this year.

Minutes from the past two meetings discussing the above
are attached for your review, thoughts and ideas. 

Most importantly, it was decided at the June meeting,
that we will not host the pancake breakfast this year given the uncertainty of
Covid patterns and what all would be involved to give us confidence that we
could somehow make such an event “safe” for all. So, like many other community
events across the nation, we look forward to next year!! 

Let us know if there are things you would like us to
focus on for the rest of this year, or in the future. 

We still don’t know where we will have a November annual
meeting (we wanted to have our beekeeper from last year back again to share
more knowledge . . . ) or if it will be altered to accommodate voting for the
new board of directors (perhaps by email?). So it remains to be seen what, when
and where.

We hope you are all doing well, and as mentioned earlier
in the year, use the Contact Us tab above if you need errands run, or other help that we can send your way. Wishing you,
your families, and gardens all the best for the rest of the summer!!

~Doug Gudenkauf, Chair, Waverly Community Board

July 15, 2020