The Waverly Community Group (WCG) hosts social events and informational and educational sessions so the community at large can understand, and be able to influence, and monitor its future as a rural community.

Waverly, Colorado has its own history, culture, rural character, and natural resource values that can be considered an asset for present and future residents.

The Waverly Community Group was formed to help bring residents together to discuss issues affecting the area so the community at large could be active about concerns rather than automatically becoming absorbed by neighboring municipalities.

On this website you can find agendas of future meetings and approved minutes of past meetings as well as other documents of interest to community residents. There is a great opportunity for residents to meet their neighbors and to become proactive towards the protection, maintenance, and future direction of their rural community.

For names of current members of the Waverly Community Board, go to the "Community Group" heading under the "History" tab.