Waverly Community Group

The Waverly Community Group (WCG) was formed by invitation to all residents of the Waverly area in July of 2005.  At the time it was responding to external threats to its rural and agricultural character.  Its predecessor, the Waverly Steering Committee had successfully helped derail a plan by the City of Fort Collins to run an official truck bypass through the community.  Other issues that have been addressed by the Waverly Community Group through its elected Waverly Advisory Committee have included:

The desire of the Town of Wellington to push its Growth Management Area (GMA) to the west - to the center of the Waverly community at County Road 15.  Waverly residents (200 surveyed) indicated they did not want to be part of Wellington and the Town of Wellington moved their proposed GMA back to County Road 13.  This boundary still conflicts with the general area of the Waverly community which is bounded on the east by County Road 11.

The Waverly Community Group also responded to two community surveys that showed a desire for the group to draft some planning ideas for community input to see if the residents could better have a say about the community's future rather than becoming absorbed by neighboring municipalities.

A draft planning document was completed by September, 2008 with the input of multiple Waverly Advisory Committee Boards and many community members (See WAP document under the "Documents" tab).  The Draft Plan was approved at a regular Annual Meeting of the Waverly Community Group on September 20, 2008.  The Draft Plan was offered to the Larimer County Commissioners for ideas as to how the rural character of the area could be protected in any future planning efforts by the County.  The Commissioners acknowledged receipt of the Draft Plan, but not acceptance, as it had not been through a public hearing process, but was a group of ideas by a volunteer group of residents.

Because the planning process was suspended in January 2012, the Waverly Advisory Committee has changed its name to the Waverly Community Board to reflect its increased function as a social and informational group for the entire community.

Other issues monitored by the Waverly Community Group through its Community Board include:
Owl Canyon Corridor road realignment
Northern Integrated Supply Project (Glade Reservoir)
Larimer County Landfill Site
Proposed Wellington Airport

While still providing an information service to the residents of the community (everything from bear sightings, lost pet notices, to local and regional information affecting Waverly), the Community Group has evolved to host social and educational events and programs (see Community Events and Calendar under their respective tabs on this website), it continues to reach out to the community for its ideas, is respectful of all points of view, and works to increase the involvement of our residents in social, informational, and local activities.

Current members and officers of the Waverly Community Board (November 2019-October 2020) are:  Doug Gudenkauf, Chair; Jan Kroeger, Vice Chair & Treasurer; Helen Boggs, Secretary; Carolyn Ownby, George Reed, Steve Sarno, and Ron Splittgerber.  Jane Clark remains volunteer Recording Secretary while not being on the board.